Why "Mara's Heaven?"


Mara’s Heaven was set up in 2012 in memory of Mara, a stray kitten that I could not save; a kitten that had the bad luck to be born on the streets; a kitten whose only fault was to be too friendly.

She was brutally abused by some children who one day after school decided to have fun ruining the life of a defenseless animal.

Mara only wanted to play with them, but they beat her so severely that she was left partially paralyzed. They threw her from the top of a building, covered her in red paint, and left her to die in the grass.

She fought to live for almost 2 months until she finally succumbed to her injuries.

I promised her that day that I would dedicate my life to helping animals in need, and I have poured all of my pain over her loss into that purpose.

About Romania

Let me tell you a bit about my country.

Romania is a very beautiful country with lots to offer, but sadly it still has much to learn about animals and how to treat them. Most Romanians are ignorant of animals, and some refuse to learn how animals should be treated, how much an animal can change your life, and how much we can learn from them!

In just a few words, in my country, most people prefer to do harm than good to animals, because doing harm is always easier than doing good.

There are people like me who care and fight hard for animal rights and to save them from abuse and neglect, but sadly at the moment we are too few.


Over 400 animals in need rescued.

This is the primary reason why Mara’s Heaven exists. Most have been rescued from the streets after being abused by humans, hit by cars, or suffering from old age or illness.


Over 35 cats and dogs in our care.

Some are at the vet receiving treatment and recovering after surgery. Others are in a rented apartment awaiting adoption into loving forever homes. We also provide food and occasional treatment to over 50 stray cats, as well as neutering as many as we can.


Over 250 cats and dogs rehomed.